About us

Capt. Kubley is from a 6 generation Pioneer Alaskan Family.

A graduate of Gonzaga University where he spent his Junior year in Florence, Italy. He served as Chief of Policy, Programs Development and Legislative Liaison to The Lt. Governor of Alaska. Was honored to receive a citation from The Alaska State Legislature, in 1998, being recognized as "The Ambassador of The Alaskan Lifestyle". He has traveled, and done business, in over 20 countries. His wife, Tracy, is also a fourth generation Alaskan who's Great Grandfather was a Norwegian fisherman that first hit Alaskan shores in Kodiak. Their family slowly migrated to Southeast Alaska to a littl mostly Scandinavian fishing village named Petersberg. Tracy has a background in book keeping and is the CFO for InterShelter, among many other responsibilities that has enabled us to reach our current global success.

Capt. Kubley has been interviewed on FOX, CNN, CBS, NBC and several international press organizations.

Currently President/CEO of Intershelter™ Inc. the manufacturers and marketers of the revolutionary Intershelter™ Solar Dome, Polar Dome and Survival Sphere. Our buildings perform as well in the deserts of Afghanistan as they do at a brand new eco-toursim resort at the South Pole or the mountain tops of Alaska. We are the next generation of military shelter, disaster relief housing, decontamination/quarantine facilities, first responder HQs and MASH style triage pods, homeless communities, migrant worker housing, remote mountain top telecom shacks and international refugee housing. InterShelter has, for the first time, since The Romans, bridged the gap between tents and stick built houses/trailers. They are totally immune from any extreme weather conditions from -70 below zero to +120 above and can withstand Category 5 hurricane winds. They are the most energy efficient portable building on earth. They can be dis-assembled in a matter of minutes for re-deployment or storage for use over and over again. Our SolarDomes are totally sustainable, off the grid, and green with a near "Net Zero Carbon Footprint", when powered by the sun/wind. InterShelter was recently named "Best Startup Company in America" by FOX News, Business Week Magazine and Yahoo Finance.

Intershelter™ stands ready to respond to natural disasters, refugee housing, terrorist attacks and provide the next generation of military shelters for "The War Terrorism".

We sincerely think we are the answer to ending homelessness in America as we know it. We are determined to provide safe, comfortable transitional housing to our homeless VETs, young Americans, mentally challenged and those simply finding themselves on the streets because of the global socio-economic situation. We also are working with several governmental entities and royal families in the middle east to help with the millions of refugees in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Gaza, among many others. We were some of the first on the scenes to respond to the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti and "The Great Wave" that decimated the northern coast of Japan.

The many commercial markets such as instant mining sites, migrant worker housing, telecommunications shacks, man camps, back yard cabanas, RV park rentals, pop up eco-tourism resorts, guest housing, mother in law housing, backyard storage, man caves, hunting and fishing lodges etc. etc. etc is quite simply unlimited.

We know we will far exceed your highest expectations for quality and performance if you should choose to give us the privilege of helping you with your building project needs. Your Intershelter™ domes will serve you and your needs for generations to come. God Bless America and God Speed.