Community Shelter Programs

The combination of portability and quick assembly with the ability to create a commune of connecting shelters, makes InterShelter™ Domes ideal shelters for many situations.

Homeless Communities
It is an endless cycle for many homeless. With no house or bath, they cannot get a job and with no job they cannot get a house. Finding affordable housing in the U.S. and many other countries has become more and more difficult. InterShelter™ offers an easy and affordable solution. Not only can one

InterShelter™Dome house a five person family, it can also be assembled on almost any type of ground. In a designated area of a city, a complete compound of InterShelter™ Domes can be constructed in one day. Not only will it provide shelter but it will create a communal atmosphere. This has already proven successful in one Los Angeles neighborhood. Our domes could be the answer to homelessness.

The benefits

The benefits of InterShelter™ Domes for homeless communities:
  • Cool during the heat of day and warm at night
  • Taken down and reassembled as many times as needed
  • Life expectancy of over 30 years
  • Does not dampen or mildew
  • Can withstand hurricane strength wind
  • Fire resistant


Emerald Planet Endorses InterShelter™ as the answer for sustainable green housing for the homeless and refugees around the world.

The president of InterShelter™, Capt. Don Kubley appeared on the Emerald Planet international television show on June 28th, 2009 to discuss how InterShelter™ can work with Emerald Planet to help those around the world most in need. Intershelter's solar domes are the most energy efficient, sustainable, versatible, portable, green prefab buildings on Earth with a "net-zero carbon footprint."

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dome cities

There has never been a single solution to solving the homeless housing crisis the way our InterShelter™ Domes can. It is truly the "cure all" for this growing problem.

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taking pride

A sense of pride comes with having a community to belong to. A place to call your own gives us a feeling of comfort. Here our domes are used as a kitchen.

Working together

The communities our dome cities create can bring individuals together in a very special way. Our domes do more than provide shelter, they provide a home to the homeless.