Recreational Domes

Looking to "get away from it all"?
Look no further then our instant summer home.

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Military camps

Portable command centers.
It's easy to see how our domes
fit for this application

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Disaster Relief

First response or natural
disaster relief housing. Nothing
else could solve both like our domes.

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Temporary Shelters

Whether the need is to solve
homelessness or to provide shelter
in a crisis . We have an answer.

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indroducing The intershelter™ Domes

Our spacious 20' Intershelter™ Dome The Dome is a frame-less structure consisting of aerospace composite panels. It has the strength of a standard building but the mobility of a tent. One Dome can be assembled by two people in less than four hours with nothing more than a screwdriver, wrench and step ladder.
The original 14' Intershelter™ Dome When unassembled, the enclosure can fit into the back of a pickup truck, trailer or an 8'x8'x4' container and easily transported anywhere in the world. It can be repeatedly taken down and reassembled while retaining its structural integrity.
The Intershelter™ multi-structure The combination of our portable instant domes to create the idea structure your need calls for can give you what we like to call a "made to order" multi-structure layout. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Secluded Domes


Getting away from it all is what many of us dream of, and now you dream can be realized.

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Whether your looking for a great camping shelter, fishing lodge alternative or a simple man camp, our instant portable domes can accommodate your needs.

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Instant Shelter

The Intershelter™ can be assembled with two to three people very easily.

This portable instant dome can provide shelter for camping, hunting, military command centers, disaster relief, temporary labor lodging even as a bugout shelter for the doomsday prepper in you.

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