Media Gallery

We have an extensive media library and try to add new photos or videos on a regular basis. When it comes to photos or videos most of what you have seen through-out our site should be on this page as well.
Please take a look at our photo gallery and videos. We also have a number of letters of satisfaction from several individuals who we are proud to call our customers.

Our videos

Instant Dome Shelter.
Intershelter™ Dome Home Presentation
ABC Evening News- Intershelter™ Desert Dome
Intershelter™ Dome Solution to Homelessness
ABC Nightly News- Intershelter™
Eric Sheptock Off The STREATS
Intershelter™ Dome solution for Natural Disasters
The Intershelter™ Dome Goes Up in No Time
The Intershelter™ Dome- King 5 News

The Intershelter™ Dome -Instant Shelter for Natural Disasters (Earth Day)
Blast Resistant Coatings for Intershelter™ Domes
The Intershelter™ Dome Exterior 360 View

Picture Gallery

The Intershelter™ Dome is very easy to assemble as these series of pictures reveal.
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The interior of the Intershelter™ dome is one of the most talked about among our customers. They simply are astounded at the flexibility in the interior design and find they get more use of the space then first thought.
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