labor housing

Intershelter™ Domes, the next generation of migrant worker and labor housing.
The paramount need for farmers to have a reliable source of irrigation water is now days rivaled by another issue… the need for improved, adequate, safe and economical migrant worker housing. There are many new state laws in place mandating proper housing for this essential part of the agriculture and ranching industry. Intershelter™domes are tailor made and approved to meet the challenge.

The most bountiful and beautiful orchards and crops in the world are useless if there are no hands to harvest them. The disappearing migrant work force and competition for available workers that pick all those fruits and vegetables across America threatens the agriculture industries' ability to get products to market. How can today’s farmers faced with this potentially crippling challenge compete for workers and keep current workers from "moving on to greener pastures?"


The Intershelter™domes received engineer and Department of Labor (OSHA) approval for use as migrant worker housing.

"When Gov. Gary Locke was in office, he declared migrant housing the state's most urgent rural housing need."

"In addressing the urgent need for decent, affordable farmworker housing, not only do we need to pool our resources—we need to cultivate new ones."

- Kim Herman, Executive Director Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Intershelter domes endorsed as "migrant housing of the future" by F.E.W.A.

The benefits

The benefits of Intershelter™ Domes for temporary labor housing:
  • Safe - approved by state and federal agencies for housing
  • Economical - affordable and usable season after season
  • Durable - reliable protection from the elements and decades of use
  • Portable - ship and set up anywhere, take down and move with ease
  • Rapid-deployment - provide your workers with safe housing in no time
  • Flexible - various configurations, colors, and add-on options available

living quarters

The answer is Intershelter™ Domes’s “LaborSphere.” Our shelters provide improved, economic, comfortable housing during harvest seasons. Farmers can maintain current crews and compete with neighboring farmers and agricultural states for the limited and dwindling labor pool by giving experienced and faithful workers a more comfortable, safe living quarters, for themselves and their families.

Intershelter™ Domes has a strong, proven track record of providing comfortable, indestructible, economical, and very portable housing options.

Our buildings go up as fast as a tent and once up pass residential building codes in Los Angeles, which are the most stringent in the country. In many states and counties the cost of providing adequate migrant housing qualifies for state or local grants and possible tax deductions.

Intershelter™ Domes's revolutionary portable buildings are the next generation solution for worker housing for ranchers and farmers.

floor plans & layouts

Living quarters

One 20-foot pod can shelter up to 6 men while a compound of five shelters can accommodate 20 men with a living area between.

Optional Layout

6 Person Layout