Military Deployment

Intershelter Inc. aims to provide a secure shelter to people who dedicate themselves to the country. Our military men and women have been spending their lives fighting for our freedom and safety. To show our gratitude and support, our team decided to offer domes specifically made to suit the needs of the armed forces of our country.

We understand that military personnel should always be prepared to transfer from one location to another. That is why our domes are designed in a way that they can be quickly constructed and efficiently moved in a short span of time.

These durable shelters don’t consume much space when stored, and they can be dropped by a helicopter or carted in by a tank. Once delivered, our domes can be easily set up in a few hours and taken down just as fast. Even if they can be immediately disassembled, these shelters can provide safe housing for military personnel.

Our domes are perfect for various military housing needs. Apart from a temporary shelter, it can function as a command post, storage facility, and mobile army surgical hospital (M.A.S.H.) unit. Currently, our domes are also used in the Arctic by the U.S. Army as research hubs.

Fast Deployment and Transportation