Getaways, Glamping, and Tiny Houses

You may not be able to bring your house with you, but you can travel with our homey, mobile shelters. At Intershelter Inc., we strive to create a dome that combines the benefits you can get from living in tents, trailers, and stick-built houses. This way, you spend the night away from your residence but still feel as if you’re home.

Going Into the Wilderness

We want to provide secure lodging to hunters and fishermen worldwide. If you are interested in going to the forest or living off the grid, contact us and purchase our solar domes. They are bear-proof and highly sustainable.

Recreational Getaways and Glamping

Do you want to experience camping in a luxurious manner? Are you planning to have a relaxing, recreational getaway? Then, you should try going on a vacation or glamping—a glamorous style of camping—with the use of our custom-made domes.

The shelters we offer are perfect for any outdoor outing because they can be quickly constructed, and they are hard-sided. Compared to tents, our domes won’t simply be blown away by the wind. Aside from that, they can have a temperature control feature and provide you with real protection from robbers and wild animals.

Currently, our domes are used for Arctic excursions and Antarctica trips, such as luxury adventures offered by White Desert. You can also see our products at the Denali National Park whenever Borealis Basecamp provides their clients with a warm, comfortable viewing of the Northern Lights, and in southern Spain at a meditation and Tai Chi studio. Additionally, our domes can be designed to suit music festivals on campgrounds.

Our Featured Projects

North-Pole to South-Pole

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