Tiny Houses

You may not be able to bring your house with you, but you can travel with our homey, mobile shelters. At Intershelter Inc., we strive to create a dome that combines the benefits you can get from living in tents, trailers, and stick-built houses. This way, you spend the night away from your residence but still feel as if you’re home.

Going Into the Wilderness

We want to provide secure lodging to hunters and fishermen worldwide. If you are interested in going to the forest or living off the grid, contact us and purchase our solar domes. They are bear-proof and highly sustainable.

Go Small!

Downsizing and tiny homes are changing the way people live.

InterShelter are allowing people all over the world to live small and dream big. Domes can be equipped with every component you need to live a comfortable, full life including a kitchen, shower, loft, and domes can even be bolted together to form multi-room homes.

Refer to our Purchase page for the exact inside dimensions of each of our domes, and our Getaways & Glamping page for more fun and innovative ideas.

Our Featured Projects

Treehouse Dome