InterShelter Inc. is committed to helping people live in a safe and comfortable shelter. That is why we worked hard to create the most convenient, cost-effective, and durable domes. Our highly skilled team can design our products based on your specifications and lifestyle.

Do you want a mobile shelter that can act as a glamping facility in the North Pole, an affordable and temporary shelter, or a military command post? Order our customized domes today. We can quickly respond to any kind of design request.

InterShelter domes are 100% made in America.  They are available in two sizes: 14' in diameter made of HD plastic with a foam core, and 20' in diameter made of high-tech fiberglass composite.  These one-of-a-kind structures can take 30'+ snow loads and withstand winds over 180 mph.

*Purchases of 3 or more domes are subject to special discounted pricing*

14' Dome

20' Dome


14' 20'
Floor Space 154 sq ft 314 sq ft
Door Opening 26" x 49" 36" x 81"
Interior Ceiling Height 8.4' at Center 12' at Center
Manufactured in Porterville, CA Dundee, OR
Fire Rating Class 1A Class 1A
Crate 71"L x 71"W x 40"H 51"L x 90" W x 54"H
Weight w/ Crate 800 lbs 2200 lbs
Weight w/o Crate 600 lbs 1100 lbs

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To learn more about our domes and pricing, reach out to us.  We will answer your questions and provide you with a quote as soon as possible.  We also offer discounts for military/first responders and humanitarian efforts. 

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