InterShelter Inc. is committed to helping people live in a safe and comfortable shelter. That is why we worked hard to create the most convenient, cost-effective, and durable domes. Our highly skilled team can design our products based on your specifications and lifestyle.

Do you want a mobile shelter that can act as a glamping facility in the North Pole, an affordable and temporary shelter, or a military command post? Order our customized domes today. We can quickly respond to any kind of design request.

InterShelter domes are 100% made in America.  They are available in two sizes: 14' in diameter 8' high, and 20' in diameter and 12' high, made of high-tech fiberglass composite.  These one-of-a-kind structures can take 30'+ snow loads and withstand winds over 180 mph.

Use code "MILITARY" for an additional discount for those active duty, retired first responders, veterans, and military members.


14' 20'
Floor Space 154 sq ft 314 sq ft
Door Opening 26" x 51" 36" x 76"
Interior Ceiling Height 8.4' at Center 12' at Center
Manufactured in Dundee, OR Dundee, OR
Fire Rating Class 1A Class 1A
Crate 76"L x 76"W x 45"H 111"L x 90" W x 54"H
Weight w/ Crate 675 lbs 1580 lbs
Weight w/o Crate 510 lbs 1100 lbs

Featured Color: Seafoam

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